"Hand to Hand"
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"Hand to Hand"

Hand to hand the circle is cast
Joining present, future and past

"Dragons Everywhere"

Feel the winged beat rise through the sky, through the sky
Whistling winds embrace us, lift us high, lift us high
Clear new visions freely floating by, floating by
Dragons of the air
Dragons of the air

Feel the breath of flame that warms our hearts, warms our hearts
Causing trepidation to depart, to depart
Spark that stirs the life in all we start, all we start
Dragons of the fire
Dragons of the fire
Join dragons of the air

Feel the coursing current ebb and flow, ebb and flow
Tender reassurance we will know, we will know
Gently giving shape to all that grows, all that grows
Dragons of the water
Dragons of the water
Join dragons of the fire
Join dragons of the air

Feel the roaring rumble through the ground, through the ground
As our spirit strengthens to the sound, to the sound
Manifest creation now be found, now be found
Dragons of the earth
Dragons of the earth
Join dragons of the water
Join dragons of the fire
Join dragons of the air

Feel the pulsing power permeate, permeate
Ever turning wheel that guides our fate, guides our fate
Balancing the forces we create, we create
Dragons of the spirit
Dragons of the spirit
Join dragons of the earth
Join dragons of the water
Join dragons of the fire
Join dragons of the air
Join dragons everywhere
There are dragons everywhere


Blodeuwedd, fair maiden
Behind a face made of flowers
Lie mysteries, beginnings
The knowing eyes of the owl

"Queen of the Fae"

There was a prince of Dyfed
Who sought what fate would send
And to his wondering eyes appeared
A lady come round the bend
Her golden beauty his heart endeared
He vowed that they should wed

So ride on Rhiannon, maintain a sure pace
You move in your own time untouched by the chase
And the veils of Annwyn you'd part
All to find the joy of your heart, oh
Rhiannon Queen of the Fae, oh
Rhiannon Great Queen of the Fae

They feasted in her father's hall
A guest called for a boon
Pwyll's foolish head gave Rhiannon's hand
But she turned tables and soon
They swiftly journeyed to Pwyll's own lands
Bestowing gifts on all


Abducted was the son she bore
Their watch her ladies failed
Her innocence fell upon deaf ears
Her character was assailed
To bear the false tale to all who'd hear
Was what she must endure


Her son was found that Beltane Eve
By Teirnyon so kind
His wife and he raised him tall and strong
Until they did come to find
Here was the child who was lost so long
At last she was believed


Her tale does find a happy end
It glads my heart to say
With son and husband she'd reunite
Rhiannon's pain swept away
With joy they feasted all through the night
With their new faithful friends

And the veils of Annwyn you'd part
All to find the joy of your heart, oh
Rhiannon Queen of the Fae, oh
Rhiannon Great Queen of the Fae

Rhiannon Great Queen of the Fae!


Silver Wheel, Stars and Time
Ever turning and returning
Bring us ‘round

Castle revolving
Spiral Milky Way


Fiery One, the Blazing Sun
Llew, Llew, Llew, Llew
Eye in the sky, shining high
Llew, Llew, Llew, Llew, Llew

"The Silver Branch"

The Silver Branch, how sweetly singing
Laden with apples of gold
Calls to us lay down our cares
Hearken to powers old
Gently drifting through the mists
Other worlds we find
Granting healing, renewal
And blessed peace of mind


Veil covered face and golden beauty
Birds sweetly singing,
Annwyn’s Great Queen, warm embracing Mother
Hoofbeats are ringing,


Deep cauldron, ancient wisdom
Life yields to your embrace
And is born again

"Brian Boru"

The Emerald Isle is a land both young and old
A place where one can hear many stories retold
But there is one such tale of a man who made a stand
The first native son who brought together all the land

Brian, Brian Boru
Ireland was united by you
Erin, Erin Go Bragh
Ireland is the greenest of them all

In 972 to Muenster’s throne he came
While Ostmen and the Norse over other regions reigned
In 1002 he became the isle’s High King
The land was undivided and the bards were heard to sing


The Emerald Isle has a history of change
And so the High King did not have a lengthy reign
In 1014 Brian beat the foes he met
But in his camp one night he was murdered while he slept

(Chorus x 5)


Horned one the Hunter
Horned one the Lord
Horned one the Hunted
Horned one Cernunnos

The Antlered One
The Mighty Stag
Whose ancient powers
Never flag
Oh Cernunnos,
Oh Cernunnos

Otherworld King
The Sacred Oak
The Wild Man
Of cunning folk
Oh Cernunnos,
Oh Cernunnos

Keeper of life
Guide at the end
Protector of
Both beast and men
Oh Cernunnos,
Oh Cernunnos

Unleash your soul
Let it dance free
Through wild woods
Come run with me
Oh Cernunnos
Oh Cernunnos

Oh Cernunnos



Melusine, Melusine
Beautiful daughter of Pressine
Born of water, Fae of well
Cursed by mother’s magick spell

As a countess she is charming
A sight for all to see
A beauty with a secret
A body serpentine

(Chorus x 2)

When disaster hits the throne
And death lingers in the air
The mighty serpent wails
Melusine the once so fair

(Chorus x 2)

If some night you might hear wailing
Fear not the fitful cries
Melusine is just a warning
A prince is going to die

(Chorus x 2)

Now you all can tell the tale
Of the lady of the well
For the story is now certain
Melusine and cursed spell

(Chorus x 4)

"The Oldest Animals"

The shadowed cloak of twilight falls
The wind sighs through the rowan bough
The blackbird lifts its voice to call
The gateway opens to us now
Yes the gateway opens now

So go to the blackbird and stag, they will tell
You to seek out the owl and the eagle as well
They will lead to the salmon, come drink of its wisdom
At the pool where the hazel nuts fall now
At the pool where the hazel nuts fall

The birch trees at the gateway stand
The bellow rings through the crisp, fresh air
The stag stands proud on ancient land
The path spreads out before us now
Yes the path is spread out now

The full moon shines on frosty snow
The ivy covers the frozen branch
The silent owl has eyes that know
The spiral beckons to us now
Yes the spiral beckons now


The rising sun announces day
The oak embraces the growing dawn
The eagle soars on golden rays
The new day calls out to us now
Yes the new day calls to us now


The hazel nuts forever fall
The sacred pool of wisdom’s brew
The salmon, eldest of them all
The blessed fountain of youth now
Yes the blessed fountain of youth

(Chorus x 2)

Take my hand and together we’ll drink deep of wisdom
At the pool where the hazel nuts fall

"May the Circle be Open"

May the Circle be open, but unbroken
May the peace of the Goddess (God/Circle) be ever in your heart
Merry meet, and merry part
And merry meet again

"Brian Boru" Copyright ©2001-2002 Brian Brown
"Melusine Copyright ©2003 Lady Jan Deanna O'Rourke
"May the Circle be Open"- Traditional
All other works, Copyright ©1998-2002 Lesley L. Peterson

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