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Simon K. Musler Professional Horseshoeing & Trimming Inc.

A Little About Me And What I Do 

Hello, I am Simon of, "Simon K. Musler Professional Horseshoeing & Trimming." I have been in the business for over 25 years. I was born in Fort Myers, and raised in Alva, Florida. I trained under a very knowledgeable and expert horseman for 4 years. He was a local trainer and had also shod horses in his lengthy career. I went to Oklahoma Horseshoeing School, attended several clinics on management and handling of horses,  attended several clinics with world renowned farriers, and I keep up with continuing education. I work very hard for the betterment of the horse, as well as the rider, and balancing horse and rider. I do orthopedic work as well as therapeutic work and have 34 years of veterinarian assistant experience behind me. I work very hard to keep up with the ever changing technology with horse's and products in the industry. When I work on horse's, I try to pay attention to the whole horse, it's environment, as well as it's surroundings.

Certifications and Accomplishments

I have been a certified Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician for 23 years. 

Served on two local fire departments and was on the board of one, for volunteer recruitment. 

Schooling in welding from beginner to Advanced Welding

Was Education Chair for Florida State Farriers Association - 2 Years ( still a member) 

Extension Service for Lee County Inc., President for 2 years and was also Commissioner appointed to the board. 

President for 4-H coordinating board - 2 years

Was a Board Member of Lee County Farm Bureau Board, as well as a voting delegate for Lee County, to Florida Farm Bureau. 

Was the President of Lee County Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers 

Was a Member of Lee County Cattleman's Association for several years.

Currently President of Island Vista Homeowners Association

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