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Premier Acoustic Lifestyles now stocks Monster headphones! The Monster line are perfect when you take your entertainment - or work seriously.

Whether you're using them in your car, home, professional studio or on the go, the Monster line of headphones will ensure you get the best from your experience.

Check out the many great Monster offerings, here at Premier Acoustic Lifestyles... buy Monster now!

Premier Acoustic Lifestyles has over 10 years of builds and completed projects under its belt.

On this page you’ll find in all of their glory the company’s past, present and future projects. From the simplest to the most grandiose of systems, here is a history of our history.

Got a minute? Have a look. In need of a reliable audio company for your next project? Definitely take a look. In a time where cutting corners to make the quick buck is commonplace, the only thing quick about Premier Acoustic Lifestlyles is its advice to customers: never settle.

Look around. Take notes. Ask Questions. These are the things that make for great installations and lifelong customers.

We’ll be here when you’re ready.

Brad Bossman,