Hear 'em While
They're Hot!

Premier Acoustic Lifestyles now stocks Monster headphones! The Monster line are perfect when you take your entertainment - or work seriously.

Whether you're using them in your car, home, professional studio or on the go, the Monster line of headphones will ensure you get the best from your experience.

Check out the many great Monster offerings, here at Premier Acoustic Lifestyles... buy Monster now!



What can we say? Nothing—we let everyone else do it.

Put simply, we’re not happy unless the customer is happy. Temper this philosophy with with well-laid plans, patience, experience and good old-fashioned common sense and what do you get?

Pages and pages of praise, satisfaction and a job (a lot of them!) very well-done.

Because Premier Acoustic Lifestyles is so hands-on and on the ground during every project, there is just no room for unhappy customers.

We take great care in seeing that care is taken in both our work and our customers. Read for yourself. We think you’ll like what you feel.

Brad Bossman,